Root Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 no KNOX trip

Safety Root N9005XXUGNG1 Galaxy Note 3 Without Knocking KNOX counter 0×0

Here’s how  to safely root N9005XXUGNG1 - the recent Android 4.4.2 update on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 without knocking down KNOX counter and keep it at its default state  ’0×0′ as possible.  As you may know, tripping KNOX counter to ’0×1′ from 0×0′ will permanently void your Galaxy Note 3 service warranty.  You can actually see that when you […]


Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition LTE sm-p605 P605XXUCNG1 4.4.2 Update

Yet another 4.4.2 update rolling out on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition  -  the LTE version SM-P605. The firmware build number comes P605XXUCNG1 and it has a new kernel build version that might otherwise for security  improvements and system enhancements.  The P605XXUCNG1 4.4.2 update has seen rolled out in select countries in Europe that hasn’t receive the first wave […]

root N900TUVUDNF4

Root n900tuvudnf4 tmo Galaxy note 3 n900t no tripping knox

If you still have had your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900T) updated to 4.4.2  N900TUVUDNF4 but stays unrooted because you are afraid of tripping the KNOX security counter to ’0×1′ from ’0×0′.  Worry not now, there is a root method for N900TUVUDNF4 without interfering the KNOX counter. This method will keep the KNOX  counter at ’0×0′ state, so there […]

N9005XXUGNG1 Galaxy Note 3 update

Galaxy Note 3 N9005 UGNG1 4.4.2 update now seen live in UK

The new 4.4.2 update dubbed with firmware build number N9005XXUGNG1 has just arrived in England.  The update that has seen rolling out in Italy and Nordic countries few days ago will now also available for unbranded Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 and the carrier branded devices from O2 and Three network in the UK.  While the update […]

N9005XXUGNG1 Galaxy Note 3 update

Update Galaxy Note 3 N9005 to 4.4.2 N9005XXUGNG1, System Stability Improvements & Camera Fixes

Another software update is hitting on the unbranded version Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005  has now seen rolling out in Italy and Nordic Countries.   The update i still based on Android 4.4.2 and noted with firmware build number N9005XXUGNG1.  There is no any major changes or features included to the update but it will bring additional system stability, […]

N9005XXUFNF4 Galaxy Note 3 Kids Mode

Update on Singapore Galaxy Note 3 N9005 to N9005DXUFNG2 4.4.2 still no Kids Mode, Download Booster & Camera Virtual tour

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (LTE type) in Singapore are about to receive the new 4.4.2 KitKat update dubbed with firmware build N9005DXUFNG2.  Some might expect that the update may now brings some new stuff such as the Kids Mode, Download Booster and the Camera Virtual tour  but according to reports there are none.  The Kids Mode, Download Booster and […]

N900TUVUDNF4 firmware update

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 gets VoLTE N900TUVUDNF4 4.4.2 KitKat OTA update

T-Mobile has pushed another Android 4.4.2 KitKat dubbed with software build version N900TUVUDNF4 via over the air (OTA) update.  The changelog says that is brings the VoLTE support but based on the previous Android 4.4.2 update (build number N900TUVUDNE6 then followed with N900TUVUDNF1, it has been addressed that it brings Voice Over LTE  (VoLTE) support with added fixes and improvements on Samsung […]

P900XXUENF2  Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 firmware

Update Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 WiFI P900 4.4.2 P900XXUANF2, Live on Kies

There is a new update on Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 SM-P900 models now seen on Samsung Kies. The new firmware is still based on Android 4.4.2 and dubbed with build number  P900XXUANF2. The  P900XXUANF2 indicates a higher changes from previous Android 4.4.2 build P900XXUANC4 but only available in Poland and Netherlands at this time being. […]

unbrick soft bricked AT&T galaxy note 3

How to Fix Soft Brick AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A, Unbrick and Restore to 4.4.2 KitKat N900AUCUCNC2

If you already have your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A running on 4.4.2 KitKat and ended-up into soft-brick then this method will probably help your phone to bring it back to life.  There are dozens of unbrick guide out there that may not tend to work once your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 has been updated to the new Android […]

Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 update N9005XXUFNG2

Galaxy Note 3 N9005 N9005XXUFNG2 4.4.2 Update with Kids Mode & Download Booster

New firmware update with build version N9005XXUFNG2 is rolled out for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005. The update is still based in Android 4.4.2 and it has the same features we have found on way back from few weeks released of 4.4.2  N9005XXUFNF4  in select countries. The main features of the N9005XXUFNG2 is the Kids Mode, Download Booster, Camera […]