Sprint Galaxy Note 3 OTA Update N900PVPUEOK2, Enhanced Wi-Fi Calling, Global Roaming Support and Security Patch

Sprint has unleashed another Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA update on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900P). The update will bump up the software version to build N900PVPUEOK2. The latter is now the third Android 5.0 update that had to roll out, next to the previously released build N900PVPUEOH1 way back in August. This update is said to bring on the Sprint Global Roaming support, a Wi-Fi calling enhancements and the Google’s monthly Security patch update, according to Sprint.

What are the technical details of the N900PVPUEOK2 5.0 Update?

Device name: GALAXY Note 3 (Sprint)
Model number: SM-G900P
Android version: 5.0
Baseband Version: N900PVPUEOK2
Kernel Version: 3.4.0-4453878
Build Number: LRX21V.N900PVPUEOK2

What’s in update?

  • Google Security Patch: Stagefright
  • Sprint Global Roaming
  • Wi-Fi Calling Enhancements


You may now check the update N900PVPUEOK2 update via OTA and using Samsung Kies. To manually check about the update, just simply do this steps:
From the Home screen, tap Menu > Settings > General > System Update > Check for an update.

Source: Sprint Note 3 support

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  1. I swear I hate that, I don’t trust this update or further more, Sprint. Stop updating crap, with out asking us, the people – your customers, what we want. This lollipop crap, has completely screwed memory in my phone. Taking it up, won’t let me disable it, or Uninstall it. Kids zone, I don’t have any..nor want any. Why can’t I remove. Group play, one moment says not capable for this phone next it is..then no tru explanation how it works. Why would I need it. Etc. Why not create these updates & let us*Yes, each customer*decide if we want it on our phones. Really close to switching somewhere else..where I can decide what goes on my phone. Oh yea, have better descriptions on what each app does. Saves confusion. Promise, every built-in app sounds like a spying tool. SPEAKING OF built-in apps…if they are why THE HELL does it go against our memory. Not as good look. Get it together, technologists who get paid 60, 70, 100k a year. Stop being lazy!

    Signed an Angry Customer since ’99

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