Galaxy Note 3 Verizon SM-N900V Update

N900VVRUBMJ7: Verizon Galaxy Note 3 N900V OTA Update Fixes Sounds and Connectivity Issues

Verizon has pushed its first  software  update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900V) that comes in the form of new build version number N900VVRUBMJ7. The MJ7 update is not a major update that bumped-up the device software to Android 4.4 KitKat though, but it resolves a  two known  issues, the sounds and connectivity issues in particular. Verizon has been notified by their Galaxy Note 3 users addressing the  poor quality sounds when making a phone calls and some unwanted droppings of WiFi and even LTE network connectivity as they  had been experiencing for these past few days.

Verizon has already given the changelog  details of this MJ7 software update and its exactly addressed to fix  two important things – to boost a more stable connectivity and improves sound quality.

This update is quietly sounds like a similar update that Sprint had to roll out last month after receiving complaints with the same issues as they concluded that they’ve heard some distorting, garbled, crackling sounds when making  phone calls. But for Sprint Galaxy Note 3 update was accompanied with fixes regarding keyboard issues. So its fair enough to say that the Galaxy Note 3 has suffered poor audio quality when launched in the market. But then again, any  issues here and there  always comes fixes and other fixes and that’s how a software update is always there to the rescue.

So again this update is now live via over the air (OTA) or using Kies.  You will then see that your software build number changes to build N900VVRUBMJ7 from N900VVRUBMI9, once  you took the update.   See the screenshot below.

The JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJ7 Update.

N900VVRUBMJ7 Verizon Galaxy Note 3 OTA update

The previous software’s build is JSS15J.N900VVRUBMI9, and bid farewell to this as it has the known call audio and connectivity issues complaints.

N900VVRUBMI9 Verizon galaxy Note 3 stock firmware

As usual, all software updates roll out was in stages, I’ll be glad if anyone can receive an update at same time, so you must be patient if you did not received any notification messages yet. Just keep on checking your device Settings>>About Device>> Tap on check for software update until you are lucky enough to get a vacant slot.  You can also download the Software Upgrade Assistant tool as another method for updating your Galaxy Note 3 devices.

Source: Verizon pdf document

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  1. This update did not fix all Verizon nor Sprint phones. Samsung has acknowledged this and is working on yet another update. No date for this second update has been announced. See Verizon and Sprint Community posts.

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